Expanding the circle

Expanding the CircleThe visual motif of the spiral is one of the oldest and most enigmatic sacred images known. There are spirals on rock carvings on many prehistoric sites dating from 5000BC. Some examples of these are carvings from the Brittany coast. Spirals are one of the earliest examples of human creative expression and were used by Celtic tribes that moved into eastern and central Europe around 800 BC. For example spirals on the Turoe stone in Galway, Ireland.

The idea for this body of work came to me through a mediation. I saw a spiral form and felt that it had a mysterious resonance with the human spirit.

When I started to research the spiral, I discovered that it is complex yet simple, intriguing and beautiful. And that the spiral pattern is found extensively in nature. It is encoded into plants, animals, humans, the earth and galaxies. A Logarithmic spiral is a special kind of growth spiral often found in nature. The approach of a Hawk to its prey, the approach of an insect to a light source, the nerves of the cornea, and the arms of tropical cyclones such as hurricanes, are all examples.

The Fibonacci sequence, in which each successive number is the sum of its two preceding numbers, is called the Golden Spiral. This spiral becomes wider as it moves outward.

My work is mostly based on the Archimedean spiral, named after the Greek Mathematician Archimedes. It differs from the Fibonacci spiral in that instead of increasing in width as the spiral progresses outwards, the distance remains constant. The Milky Way Galaxy resembles a perfect Archimedean spiral.

The symbol of the spiral was a symbol of expansion for me as with the logarithmic spiral I see my life and creativity as an unfolding. The working process of being in and out of control with the manipulation of the medium utilizing the accidental. I have applied layered mono printing with paint to create random patterns and textures and the Gold leaf stands for an ancient Alchemical symbol of transformation. Spirals link us all. From me to you – you to nature, and all of us to the greater universe. It is a symbol that joins humans, animals, plants, earth, galaxies, and stormy weather. Being connected to the whole. I believe that the spiral is a curve of growth and energy, which swings from origin to outer space. The beauty of a spiral as an imaginative conception is that it is always growing, yet never covering the same ground.

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